It is that time of year again. Aaron and I are putting together another one page dungeon. Hopefully we will have enough time to get it all together by the deadline of May 30th.

This year Aaron came up with a grand idea that was inspired by a children's teaching aid. Instead of just reading descriptions and looking at a map off of one sheet of paper, why not turn the paper itself into a usuable tool. In this case, the idea was to make cut out dice.

Originally, Aaron thought of having the dungeon be the dice itself, and the player's characters would fight their way to an edge and traverse to a different side. But when I heard the idea, I thought it would be interesting if each side was a 15 square by 15 square geomorph. Then the dungeon would be built by rolling the dice.

Once again, we had a lot of ideas that did not make it into the final one page dungeon. There just is never enough room.

We originally were going to have six villains, with matching sets of random encounters, but putting in all the tables would not fit, so we had to condense the tables into 3 sets, with 3 sets of villains.