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Old School Reference & Index Compilation of the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

Night's Dark Terror

Dungeons & Dragons Review Guide

So often, when searching for content on the old Basic Dungeons and Dragons modules and rules, all you find are large scans of the covers with a link to ebay. Well, not this site. This site is great! Original reviews of all the classics.


Linda Bergkvist

Linda Bergkvist produces outstanding fantasy artwork. Her works were consistently rated the most popular portraits when they were listed in the gallery here. Her gallery is hosted by epilogue. An old co worker of mine (Chad Lockwood) hangs out with the team there.

Chalacyn Nights

Chalacyn Nights

Long ago, I built an area on this MUD. I named a tavern I built there Kirith's Tears. It was located on the east side of the main city. It may still be there...