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Wow. This site has been running for 8 years. Hard to believe. I spent some time over the weekend trying to get all the disparate pieces of the site to come together. Some really old code runs things. Heck, most of the HTML was from the old 3.2 HTML spec. Thought about trying to shoot for XHTML but settled on just using 4.01 transitional to save my sanity.

Couple of interesting facts. The site has averaged 120 unique visitors a day. ~1200 portraits were submitted before I turned off the user upload section. In 8 years, 5 people have donated 1 dollar each.* Not upset about that, just found it interesting.

* right after posting this, someone donated 25 bucks!!! Thanks!!!

Kirith is a small project I started with the intent of creating a repository of ideas, art, concepts, video game links relating to fantasy role playing. Most of the site revolves around the user submitted Baldur's Gate portrait gallery.

A ranking and voting mechanism is in place modelled after the Am I [x] or Not phenomena. The results of the voting are tallied in real time to provide a top ten worst and best portrait summary.

The 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons character generator is still beta quality.
I am adding a youtube video player. Not sure where to put it just yet. Testing it out here, but I will probably end up putting it on its own more "entertainment" type page.
I put together the accursed "Deck of Many Things". It is still missing some odds and ends.
I finished working on a "Random Name Generator". Most of the work was already done in a program called mudnames. I hope to utilize the name generation in the character generator, but that is a task for another day.
I had to take down the user submitted portraits section due to rising costs associated with hosting so many images. I also worked on cleaning up the data files for the "Random Name Generator" Still needs a lot more work. Before I can integrate it into the character generator, it needs a data file for both male and female of every race. Male dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, humans, and orcs are covered. But only female humans are covered. If you are interested in working on data files for female dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, or orcs feel free to submit them using the contact form.
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